November 19, 2020: Action Jack’s Blog: Put On The Big Boy Pants!

November 19, 2020: Put On The Big Boy Pants!

After our stations aired Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s latest round of Covid-19 restrictions during a Wednesday night press conference, I went back to our various formats on our stations.  I then reflected on the things I heard and came to this conclusion: Put on the big big boy pants!

The numbers are chilling right now in our part of the country in the battle vs. Covid-19.  Let’s face it: the restrictions stink.   It has come to the point where we simply have to buck up the next four weeks and see what happens.

I do think most people have followed the rules about masks and social distancing pretty well from what I have observed.  I also know there will always be folks who won’t follow the rules no matter what.  That cuts across all political, racial and economic arenas by the way and is not just limited to the virus.

Experts say weather isn’t a factor with the coronavirus but it is.  As the weather cooled, plus the freak mid October snowstorm here in our area, that brought more people inside and boom…the numbers exploded in many cold weather states.

When the pandemic hit in March, I knew right away our best chance would be a vaccine.  Well, here we are on the cusp of at least two vaccines being ready very soon for mass distribution.  Let’s hope that doesn’t become a political football like the virus itself.

Will we learn from this and apply what we have learned in the future?  Time will tell.


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