Action Jack’s New Year’s Wish!

Today, at 57 years of age, I am posting my first ever blog!  Never too old I guess!

My only resolution for 2019 is to stop and smell the roses more.  When I was a kid I remember the term “Rat Race” to describe our busy lives of the 60’s and 70’s.  Seriously, that is a snail’s pace compared to the super highway we now travel in our technology-driven world.

My greatest joys in life as the years roll by are a quiet dinner with my wife,   any time at all with my daughters (parents of teens and 20 somethings know what I’m talking about) and a reflective walk with our Corgi mix Bungee.  That being said,  as the Sports Director here for nearly two decades this time of year always bring with it one big question: Which area teams are going on a run in March?

Pro sports are fine, but there is nothing like seeing your home town team and student athletes make a “March Madness” run!

Happy New Year folks!

“Action” Jack

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